Saturday, June 27, 2009

Duathlon Race Goals & Mental Dress Rehearsal

I picked up my bib this afternoon, got body marked, and took the guided course tour, which really helped put my mind at ease of where I need be when. With one less thing to think about, its time to make some predictions and do a mental rehearsal of the transitions.
Race Goals
  • Finish! - Since this is my first duathlon (and multi-sport event) my main goal is to just get through it.
  • Have fun and finish with a smile on my face! :)
  • Finish strong and sprint across the finish line - this may be a bit harder than in the half marathon as I'll be exhausted from the bike and I don't feel I've had enough brick training, but I'll do my best.
  • Finish in sub-2:15 - By all my conservative calculations, this is more than doable but I have no idea how long the transitions will truly take, or how much the heat will affect me.
  • Finish in sub-2 hours - I would be thrilled if I can finish in under 2 hours. This also seems very doable if I can push as much as I intended to on the bike and my 2nd run doesn't suffer too much as a result of the exertion on the bike and the insane heat at 9 am, when I anticipate starting the 2nd run.
  • Place in my Age Group - there are currently only 4 women registered in my age group, so it would be nice to at least beat one of them and place, but I am not holding my breath. This is my first multi-sport event after all.

Mental Dress Rehearsal

Pre race
  • Wake up at 5 am and eat breakfast: banana, bagel with peanut butter.
  • Lube feet and other hot stops, and get dressed (don't forget heart rate monitor).
  • Check tire pressure and contents of saddle bag, then load bikes on roof of car.
  • Recheck pre-packed bags and checklist, then load bags and buckets into car.
  • Drive to race no later than 6 am.
Setup Transition
  • Rack bike, place water bottles on bike cages, and place helmet on bike seat.
  • Place big bright towel next to bike w/bike shoes, camelbak, and snacks (and maybe a bucket to sit on).
  • Verify watch is configured to use multi-sport mode and relevant alerts.
  • Put on sunscreen and run gear: headband, hat, watch, spibelt w/BIB (and maybe sports means and phone), bike gloves (so I don't have to put them on during T1), sunglasses, wrist sweatband
  • Grab 8 oz water bottle w/sweatband and bag of sport beans, turn on watch, then head to pre-race meeting.
Run 1
  • Meet at start line at 7:15 am for pre-race announcements and eat a few sport beans with some water.
  • Start watch when I start to run.
  • Start slow and listen to my body: either run using 5:1 or just walk at the water stops (every mile).
  • Eat some sport beans with water at each water stop.
  • Try to average an 11-12 min/mile pace.
  • Press lap button as I enter transition, and switch watch to the bike mount.
  • Put on helmet on top of hat, change shoes, and put on camelbak.
  • Eat some sport beans or granola bar w/water as I walk bike to mount line.
  • Press lap button as I leave transition and enter bike course.
  • Push as hard as I can on the bike and try to maintain at least 14-15 mph average.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout ride and listen to my body.
  • Press lap button as I enter transition, and switch watch to the wrist mount.
  • Rack bike THEN remove helmet and camelbak.
  • Change shoes and eat some sport beans w/water as I head out of transition.
Run 2
  • Press lap button as I leave transition and enter run course.
  • Start slow and try to run the whole thing, but take walk breaks as needed (either 5:1 or at each water stop).
  • Eat sport beans w/water at each water stop or as needed.
  • Try to average an 11-12 min/mile pace.
  • Sprint to the finish!
I think I'm ready! Any last minute tips?

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