Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning Brick Workout

I woke up at 6 am this morning and did a short brick workout instead of my usual Tuesday morning run. My first duathlon is in less than 2 weeks and I still don't have the bike-run transition down. My running has suffered since I upped my bike millage because I can't seem to find the time (or sometimes the energy) to fit in the long runs, but I usually manage to get 2 mid-week runs in of 2-3 miles. I will definitely have to shift gears and reduce my bike millage in September if I want to run a half marathon this fall.

The Bike - 5 miles in 19:36 @ 15.3 mph

I rode my usual 5 mile loop: Livingston to Maguire/Crystal Lake to South to Robinson and back. I hate this loop! Just when I get up to speed, I come up to a red light, which turns green as soon as I finish stopping. It completely throws off my rhythm. Then about 1.5 miles in, I came upon a huge group of runners on the bike lane 3-4 abreast. They got out of my way before I hit them, but not before I had to slow down considerably.

Once I turned onto South St, just after 2 miles, I hit very few lights and really got moving. I was spinning fast and at a high cadence. I reached a max speed of 22.3 with a 95 cadence, and that was NOT downhill (but maybe I had a tailwind?). I'm so excited! I didn't maintain this for too long, but I was consistently riding 16+ mph w/a cadence of 85+ rpm unless I had to slow down for a light or coast for a quick break. Even though this was a short ride, I gave it all I had.

full stats:
  • cadence: 85 / 105 rpm
  • speed: 15.3 / 22.3 mph
  • hear rate: 158 / 178 bpm
  • mile splits (mph): 13.4 - 14.5 - 17.9 - 17.4 - 14.5
Transition - 2:19

I got off the back across the street from my apartment and walked it in just as I will in the race. I quickly removed my camelbak (I plan to wear it for the ride since I am not coordinated enough to grab my water bottle and replace it the cage without slowing down considerably or swerving), exchanges my helmet for my hat, switched shoes, took a zip of water and was off. I quickly learned that I can't run with my iphone in the back pockets of the cycling jersey, so I had to hold it the entire run. At least I learned this now and not on race day :)

The Run - 1 mile in 11:28

The run was rough as always and I only managed a mile. I walked for a few second after 1/2 a mile in hopes of running at least 1.5 miles, but I was exhausted and drenched from the humidity and exertion on the bike. My biggest problem transitioning from bike to run is not the legs; I just have a heard time catching my breath and getting into a good breathing rhythm. It's also uncomfortable because you are suddenly covered in sweat that the wind during the bike kept at bay.

I pushed really hard on the bike, and that was only for 5 miles with some breaks due to the lights (though these breaks may have worked against me by throwing off my rhythm), so I am a bit concerned about running 2.5 miles after riding hard non-stop for 13.4 miles. I still plan to push as hard as I can during the bike portion at the race because I won't make up the time running. Even if I have to walk part of the run and average closer to a 12 min/mile pace, I won't lose as much time as if I average less than 15 mph on the bike and I may still be able to finish in under 2 hours (though that may not include transition time).

full stats:
  • pace: 11:28 / 7:44 (for about 5 seconds at the start lol)
  • hear rate: 163 / 170
  • 1/4 mile splits (pace): 10:26 - 11:38 - 12:07 - 11:33
The Swim - what swim?

I was supposed to go for a swim tonight with Kelly and Lisa, but mother nature would have none of that. A huge thunderstorm scrubbed our plans, but we shall hopefully resume on Thursday. Florida certainly doesn't make it easy to train for a tri :(

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