Sunday, June 28, 2009

Race Report: Baldwin Park Duathlon (1:56:57)

Baldwin Park Duathlon

I did it! I finished my first duathlon in under 2 hours and met all my race goals! I placed 3rd in my age group (only because the 4th girl didn't finish, but I'll take it!). This was a really humbling experience, as I finished in the very back of the pack, but I am in awe that I ran over 5 miles and biked over 13 all in a span of 2 hours.

Official Duathlon Results:
  • Total Female Finishers = 24 + 2 DNF
  • Total Finishers = 65 + 5 DNF
  • Leg -- Time -- Gender Place -- Overall Place
    • Run1 = 0:27:42.951 -- 21 -- 61 (11 min/mile)
    • T1 = 0:01:35.581 -- 13 -- 37
    • Bike = 0:51:43.290 -- 19 -- 57 (15.5 mph)
    • T2 = 0:01:47.649 -- 14 -- 45
    • Run 2 = 0:34:07.580 -- 22 -- 62 (13:20 min/mile)
    • Total = 1:56:57.051 -- 21 -- 61

Baldwin Park Duathlon

Run #1

The first run went well, even though it was already hot as hell. I tried to take it easy, but still managed to average 11 min/mile. I ran most of this and only stopped to walk for less than a minute at the 2 water stops. I was 2nd to last for most of the run, but passed a few people at the end to finish 5th from last. I was trying to hold back to save something for the bike and 2nd run and because the heat was quickly zapping my energy. The hill we had to climb into transition was cruel.

Baldwin Park Duathlon


This was pretty easy. I already had my cycling gloves on, so I yanked off my hat and put on my bike helmet, switched running shoes for cycling shoes, put on the camelbak, unracked the bike and was gone. I had trouble clipping in at the mount line, but I was on my way pretty quickly.


As I was finishing the first run, all I could think of was how I was going to bike 13+ miles when I was already feeling tired. I took in plenty of fluids and pushed really hard on the bike and was pleased to maintain a consistent average of 15.5 mph (20.6 mph max!) and 83 rpm (110 rpm max!). I tried to take it easy for the first few laps and vowed to give it all I had during the last lap, but I didn't have much left by then. I passed quite a few people, but I also got passed by a ton of ridiculously fast people. I was really glad when I got to the 5th loop because by then all the speed demons were running :) Of course, I got a wicked headwind as I finished the last lap when I was exhausted. At one point I feared I had a flat tire and stop to check, but it was all in my head. This cost me since I then had to negotiate getting back into the flow of bike traffic.

Baldwin Park Duathlon


This was a tad slower because I was exhausted. I got off my bike and slowly walked to rack my bike as I tried caught my breath. As I sat down to switch my shoes, I wondered if that was such a good idea and if I'd be able to get back up *LOL*

Baldwin Park Duathlon

Run #2

The 2nd run SUCKED. I was hot and could not catch my breath. I had a side stitch for about a mile and was cramping up. I walked a great deal, hence my pace, but I was not about to risk heat exhaustion for a race I wasn't going to win anyway =P I was disappointed I had to walk so much, but the heat was insane and I had pushed really hard on the bike. I knew I'd make it under 2 hours, so I didn't care about anything else. The finish was a bit anti-climatic because I felt defeated and that I hadn't pushed hard enough to justify the final sprint. I'm still very proud that I did this and will be sure to do more brick workouts for the next one :)

Baldwin Park Duathlon

Now What?

This was incredibly difficult (in big part because of the heat), but I am hooked! I'm already looking for the next one and more dedicated than ever to get over my fear of swimming because a du may actually be harder than a tri since I had to constantly use my legs for 2 straight hours. I think I'm going to register for the Lake Louisa Super Sprint Triathlon next month.

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Anonymous said...

You did amazing! That is such a good average speed on the bike, too. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

You are SMILING in every single picture! You go girl!!! I'm also starting to work towards a sprint tri - I've been spinning a lot - but the swimming will probably be my weakest area :( I have a friend who was once a nationally ranked swimmer helping me tho - she's my motivator!! You did FANTASTIC!!! I'm really impressed!!! How long did it take you to train for this? Jen

Kitzzy said...

Thanks Holly!

Thanks Jen! I started running in March 08 and completed 2 half marathons, 2 10Ks and numerous 5Ks since. I started cycling seriously this March/April.

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