Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swim Workout

or "Trying to propel myself to the other end of the pool without drowning"

I swam 550 yards today. Impressed? Not so fast =P This was in no way consecutive. I pretty much took a break after every 25 yds, and there was plenty of treading water to rest my arms as I made my way back to the other end of the pool or clutching the wall to catch my breath, but I am still shocked that I managed all this.

Kelly and I met a tri meetup group ( at the College Park pool. Since they had family swim instead of adult fitness tonight, the lane ropes were off, so we had to improvise. It basically turned into an obstacle course (not a bad thing to experience when training for a triathlon).

After some warmup laps (was supposed to be 500 yds, but I managed 150), he broke us up onto 3 groups and we did 3 different workouts for ~10 minutes each: 8 x 50 (or 100), panic sprints, 20s treading water kicks -- not sure what this is called, but you basically put your hands above your head and try to stay above water by kicking hard for 20 seconds at a time.
  • Kelly and I chose to do 50s and managed 5 of them. The other 2 in our group were so fast, or I was so slow, that they were done with their 100 before I was barely heading back to finish my 50.
  • Then it was time for the panic sprints, where we swam hard to the rope (half way across the pool) then swam back easy; we managed 6 of those. It was actually easier to swim fast, but then the turn around in the middle of the pool made us lose momentum and I had to doggy paddle for a bit to get a rhythm. Kelly tried to teach me the breast stroke, but I need lots of work :)
  • We finished with the tread water kicks, and those about killed us. It did get easier the more we did it, and I quickly learned you have to kick hard and fast. I barely managed to get my hands above the water or I'd sink. lol
Overall, it was a great workout and I had a lot of fun. My biceps are burning, but I can't wait to try it again :) A HUGE thanks to Kelly for sticking with me and trying to teach me the breast stroke. I'll definitely be back to train with this group.

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