Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June in Review

As you can see from the stats below, compared to last month, I almost doubled my cycling. This resulted in me running half as much. I guess this makes sense since biking is substantially more prominent in triathlons than running, but I still need to find a better balance between the two. I need to begin building and maintain  a base of at least 1 6-mile long run per week in preparation for when I begin half marathon training in September. I also swam 5 times and I am starting to get more comfortable with swimming. So much so in fact, that I may try a triathlon with a 1/4 mile open water swim next month.

June May
run distance 21.16 miles 43.64 miles
longest run 3.75 miles 5.5 miles
avg run pace 12:05 min/mile 11:56 min/mile
bike distance 228.17 miles 161.86 miles
longest ride 50 miles 21.2 miles
avg bike speed 12.2 mph 13.6 mph
swim distance 2992 yds (1.7 mi) 0

Accomplishments in June
Goals for July

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