Thursday, July 16, 2009

Possible 2009 Race Schedule -- am I nuts?

Below is a list of the races I am considering for the rest of the year. Some of these may be too close together and will get scraped (or swapped for others), but I really want to do a 2nd duathlon and my 3rd half marathon before year's end. Am I crazy to try to do 3 multi-sport events with only 1 week between them?


This is not set in stone at all, so if you have a recommendation for a better race, I may swap :)

  • 7/18 - Lake Louisa Sub-Sprint Tri (registered)
  • 8/8 - Faces of Courage Reverse Sprint Tri (registered)
  • 8/22 - Sprint Du at Moss Park (Fall Tri Festival)
  • 9/6 - Trek Women Tri (contingent of the results of Sat's OWS)
  • 9/26 - Miracle Miles 15k
  • 10/18 - UCF Distance Dare (5 + 2 miler)
  • 10/24 - Women Tri or Du at Moss Park (doubtful)
  • 11/14 - Orlando Urban Dare
  • 11/15 - Founder's Day Distance Dare (10K + 5K)
  • 11/26 - Turkey Trot 5k
  • 11/29 - Space Coast Half Marathon
  • 12/13 - Reindeer Run 5k


Maddy said...

I think your schedule looks great and I don't think you're crazy at all.

I'm pretty sure that I'll be at the Miracle Miles 15K and I might even be at the Founder's Day - I need to check my schedule. That was my first race ever (I was so impressed with the people who ran the 10K...) It was 1998 and I have never made it back.

Why did you decide against the OUC Half?

Kitzzy said...

I did OUC last year and like to try a new one this year -- and get a different medal ;). Space Coast sounds like a lot of fun. I would do both, especially since I would love a rematch with OUC since it was my first, but they are on back to back weekends :(

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