Sunday, July 5, 2009

45.5 Miles Ride to Wekiva Springs

We (Jason, Tim, Lisa, Joe, James, and I) rode our bikes to Wekiva Springs State Park, where we met our saner friends (Chas, Jessica, Lori, and Karl) who drove there with our gear and food. If we were to drive to Wekiva from downtown Orlando, it would be a 30 minute or 16-mile drive. But that's just too easy. Oh no, we took the LOOOOONG way there and biked 3 times as far and 7.5 as long via the Cady Way to Cross Seminole to Seminole Wekiva trail in 3.75 hours.

First 24.5 Miles - Cady Way to Oviedo to Soldier's Field
Jason, Tim, and I started the trek from our apartment in downtown Orlando. We got a late start and left closer to 7:15 am, which meant we had to ride a little faster to meet the rest of our crew (Lisa, Joe and James) in Oviedo by 8:20. We made up some time and averaged 13.5 mph for the first 15.5 miles, arriving in Oviedo only about 5 minutes late, but before 8:30 am. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the 3 of us), Lisa's bike had technical difficulties so we had a nice 25 minute break until they arrived. My pace drop a bit, but I still maintained a combined average of 13 mph for the first 24.5 miles with some sprints thrown in here and there to catch up to the boys.

Last 20 Miles - Long Stretch to the Springs
Lisa, Joe, and I took a 15 minute break at Soldier's Field while Jason, Tim, and James played in the dirt trail (I rode my road bike). My pace went downhill after this break for the remainder 20 miles. It slowly declined as the temperature rose and exhaustion set in. I'm still impressed we averaged a pace above 12 mph for this distance -- last time for this distance we averaged 11.7 mph with a breakfast break before the last 15. We also had a lost more hills, or bridge crossings, this time.

At Wekiva Springs State Park
When we got to the park, about 1 hour later than planned, we went to the springs but they were COLD! So I didn't make it in past my chest and opted for food instead. We grilled hot dogs and burgers, and ate them with chips and yummy pasta salad. I haven't eaten a hot dog in over a year and it tasted SO good after such a long ride. Any food is so awesome after biking that long. We had lofty goals of doing all kinds of things at the park, but we were all too tired by then, so we drove back shortly after lunch. Jason and I planned to ride back, but I don't think my butt would have been too happy with me and we didn't wanted to eat up the rest of our Sunday.

I really wanted to ride an extra 5 miles to make this my longest ride in one day, but it was still an awesome ride and the longest I've ridden at once. I'm already scheming a trip to the West Orange Trail for more punishment ;)

  • distance: 45.5 miles
  • active time: 3:43:51
  • speed: 12.2 / 22 mph -- 55 minutes @ 14+ mph
  • cadence: 76 / 111 rpm
  • heart rate: 134 / 168 bpm
  • total time from departure: 5:02:18 -- this is 1 hour and 15 minutes of downtime, but I can only account for 50 minutes. I guess the other 25 is a combination of all the street crossings and such.

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Wow, that is a LONG ride! Impressive!!

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