Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Evolution as a Runner

When new runners tell me they are having trouble running long enough or far enough, I often advice them to slow down and focus on covering the distance, and that the speed will come with time. I am sure they compare my current 11-12 min/mile pace to their 14-15 min/mile pace and think, "yeah that's because you are much faster than me," even though I am still slow compared to more experience runners. I assure them I started just as slow and this improved paced did not happen overnight, but words don't mean much when you are frustrated with your progress. So, now I have proof!

Being the huge geek that I am, I created a spreadsheet charting each and every one of my milestone runs, including all 27 C25K sessions, and every new distance and race PR that led to me completing my first 2 half marathons. This allows you to see how my pace improved over time and how I sometimes had to run slower to run longer before I got faster.

Notable Observations:
  • It took me longer than 9 weeks to complete C25K and hence run 3.1 without walking
  • I soon returned to run/walking as I trained for the 2 half marathons using the Galloway method.
  • My pace fluctuated a lot, and as I began running longer without walking, it slowed even more as I focused on covering the distance regardless of speed. Once I was comfortable with the distance, I then was able to push myself and improve my speed.
  • I rarely train at racing speed and save most of it for race day. However, I do push myself sometimes and do a few tempos here and there to get my body used to what it feels to run fast.
  • For even more insight into how I progressed and the decisions I made along the way, read my C25K Posts and Race Reports.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I am one of the slow runners. 14-15 min mile runs and the longest I have done is 5 miles.

I will continue working on the speed/endurance thing. And your spreadsheet rocks!

Sean said...

Keep it up Kitzzy!

Anonymous said...

I love that you are tracking all this information!

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