Monday, August 3, 2009

July in Review

July was a great month. I managed to up my run millage a little bit. I was on track to run more than 40 miles, but then I hurt my foot and have not been able to run much (1-2 miles at a time) for the past 2 weeks. My cycling has been hindered a bit due to Florida fall weather, but I am finally getting back to commuting to work.

My swimming has exploded! I swam 13 times in July, compared to 5 in June, and almost 3 times the distance! I am getting more confident in the water, and I always look forward to my swim workouts. I'm swimming 3-4 times a week now, and loving every minute of it. After completing a sub-sprint tri, and conquering my fear of the open water at Lucky's Lake, I finally signed up for my first full sprint triathlon. I am already hooked :)

July June May
run distance 33.65 miles 21.16 miles 43.64 miles
longest run 6 miles 3.75 miles 5.5 miles
avg run pace 12:54 min/mile 12:05 min/mile 11:56 min/mile
bike distance 190 miles 228.17 miles 161.86 miles
longest ride 45.45 miles 50 miles 21.2 miles
avg bike speed 12.1 mph 12.2 mph 13.6 mph
swim sessions 13 5 0
swim distance 9046 yards (5.14 mi) 2992 yds (1.7 mi) 0

Accomplishments in July
Goals for August

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Did I mention I can hardly keep up with you girl? You are amazing!

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