Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today's Madness: Run, Swim, Bike, Swim, Bike, Yoga

Yup, I did 6 workouts today. I have no idea where I summoned the energy from, but I somehow still had some left when I got home so I threw in some yoga for good measure. Before the details, here is a summary.

  • Morning
    • run: 2.5 miles in 28:08 @ 11:15 min/mile
    • swim: 300 meters (long course)
    • work: 8 hours
  • Afternoon
    • bike: 6.4 miles in 32 minutes @ 12 mph (ride to pool for meetup)
    • swim: 900 yards
    • bike: 6.44 miles in 42 minutes @ 9 mph (ride home after swimming)
    • yoga: 25 minutes - YOGAmazing for triathletes

AM Run
I got up early to meet Kelly and the Trek meet up at Cady Way park for a morning run and swim at 6:30 am. We ran out and back on the trail (away from the scary bridge) and I did not walk once! I started at an easy pace and threw in a few farklets on the way out, then slowly sped up on the way back with a few more farklets. We ran out for 15 minutes, then turned around and ran back to the park. I stopped at 2.5 miles, just short of 30 minutes, because I like nice even distances :) We had a light sprinkle for the first few minutes of the run, but that didn't last. It got a little humid, but not too bad since most of the run was under trees. This was a great change of pace from my usual Lake Eola loops.

Before we headed to the pool for the swim part of our morning workout,  our meetup organizer Chris gave us all awesome goodie bags. They had some very informative booklets, a gu sample, a water bottle, and a multi-tool! Thanks Chris!

AM Swim
I hurried to the pool since I had to get back to get ready for work. I swam the long course, 50 meters, and it was wonderful. It was really crowded, but the right lane is really wide so we just swam in a row staying to the right on the way out and in the middle on the way back. I took it nice and slow, and I really focus on my stroke and breathing. I was able to make it the entire 50m length all but once, with only a short break before heading back. The one time I couldn't make it all the way was only because I inhaled water,  not because I was tired. I like the long course better because I can get a good rhythm going and it forces me to pace myself. In a 25 yds lane, I tend to stop at the wall just because is there.

These two morning workouts were a great, with a great group of ladies, and gave me tons of energy for the rest of the day. Kelly and I plan to make this a regular workout so we can swim the long course at least once a week.

PM Bike
The weather cleared up just in time for Kelly and I to bike ride to the afternoon meetup for another swim :) We've been going to this meetup for a couple of weeks now and love it. Kelly still needs to buy her bike, so she rode my Jamis while I rode my road bike. We made pretty good time and kept a 12 mph pace on the way there, which is the fasted she's ever ridden. Yay! Go Kelly! On the way back though, we were pretty spent from the swim so we took it easy. Kelly was such a trooper even though she was exhausted, and I even got her to throw in a sprint at the end.

PM Swim
After the bike ride, the water felt amazing! I somehow still had tons of energy and I was just dying to swim. The morning swim was just a little teaser, but I couldn't do more because I had to go to work. I think since my stroke is improving, swimming has become so much easier and I'm actually having fun. We did a combined 12 laps, and we only stopped between laps instead of lengths. Yay! We tried to do drills with some of the group, for we were too tired so just focused on laps at our own pace. Giles took another look at my stroke and video taped me. Once I get the video, I'll post the before and after so you can hopefully see my improvement. He said I've made huge improvements and now I just need to fine tune it. My biggest improvement, of course, is swimming without the nose plugs and learning to breath so I don't inhale water every stroke. It still happens occasionally, but it is the exception and not the rule.

I still had an abundance of energy when I got home, so I thought I'd do some yoga to mellow me out and get me ready for bed. I've been neglecting yoga lately, but I really needed it today after all I put my body through. It felt amazing and did the trick. (My eyes are getting heavy as I finish typing this.)

So that's my ridiculous active day -- oh yeah and I worked 8 hours between the AM and PM workouts :)


Anonymous said...

Incredible. AND you had an 8-hour shift at work. Amazing, haha.

Bella said...

That is madness! I don't think I could have done half of that! Congrats girl! You rock!

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