Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Taper Madness?

I don't seem to be experiencing the typical taper madness. I can't wait for Sunday to get here already, but I'm not really freaking out over it. In fact, I'm concern that I may be too overconfident about completing this marathon and taking advantage of taper too much (maybe this in itself is a symptom). Am I not respecting the distance enough?

A few things I think have helped me avoid taper madness:

  • I've read all about it and know what to expect and that I'm ready for this. 
  • I've kept myself too busy blogging and taking photos daily to have any time to obsess over my running. 
  • Putting together a team for the Corporate 5K at work and training my coworkers to run their first 5K is a nice distraction. 
  • I scheduled other low key races in the weeks leading up to the marathon to keep me distracted by obsessing about those instead =P
  • I've been really busy at work, making the days pass quickly.
Most of all, I think I just welcome the rest and know that I've done all I can so it's ok to take it easy. I am sure I'll be singing a different tune and freaking out plenty on Saturday night, but that day will be packed with plenty of distractions, so I should be ok.

Is it Sunday yet? :)


The Green Girl said...

Whoo hoo! I can't believe it's here. You are going to be a marathoner! I am so excited for you girl. I know you are so ready for this.

Kitzzy said...

Thanks! I really am, but after posting these I've started getting flashes of nervousness. It's like a jinxed myself or something LOL But I know it's all in my head and I will do just fine. I just want it to be Sunday already.

Chelsi said...

Kittzy, you ARE going to do great. You are most certainly ready and IMO, even more prepared because you got a taste of the marathon feel by doing the relay last week. The nervousness is totally normal, just remember to have fun and tell yourself that you WILL finish.

Kitzzy said...

Thanks Chelsi! I cannot wait! These last few days are torture!

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