Friday, February 19, 2010

Thoughts on Daily Blogging

I'm 21 days into this experiment of blogging every day for 30 days, and it's starting to become a chore. I'm not giving up, nor do I regret undertaking it, but I'll be glad when I can have my evenings back. Other than finding something interesting and new to blog about everyday, the biggest downside is that I can't relax when I get home and watch tv because I have to blog first. Writing a post takes longer than I anticipated, even if I already know what topic I want to discuss, because I make endless edits before publishing it.

I do like how it has forced me to reflect on topics I've been putting off or that I may have never considered writing about without this challenge. It's certainly kept me distracted from taper madness and made the last 21 days fly. Even though I have very little time to unwind and watch tv after work, I think that's also a plus. It's been nice to unwind reflecting on the day, writing about it, and looking at the photos I took that day. It only seems like I've had less time at home before bed, but I've just been more productive with my time.

I'm looking forward to documenting the next 9 days leading up to my first marathon. There will be plenty to talk about, including volunteering at a 5K and attending the BCM Expo tomorrow, pre-race dinner Saturday night,  Breast Cancer Marathon Relay with the family on Sunday followed by a post-race lunch, 2 corporate 5k training runs, Gasparilla Expo, pre-race dinner, and finally the marathon!

I'll certainly undertake the challenge again, but perhaps during a less busy time -- like when I'm not also taking daily photos. :)

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Anonymous said...

Aww.. I enjoy your blog posts. I don't comment on every one, but I do read. I think there is a lot of valuable information and it's nice to follow you on your journey :)

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