Sunday, February 7, 2010

Track Shack Victory Breakfast

Galloway Training Medal This morning at the Central Florida Zoo was the Track Shack Victory Breakfast that celebrates the end of the training season for the MarathonFest and Galloway Training programs. I did not attend last year, so it was neat to see everyone today in their normal clothes -- well almost, the breakfast had a western theme -- and see all the people that make this great program possible. We all wore the medals we've earned throughout the season, including the spiffy Galloway training finisher's medal you see pictured here, so that alone was reason enough to attend because when else are you going to wear all those medals? =P

The breakfast buffet consisted of scrambled eggs (we hope), toast, bagels, croissants, fruits, yogurt, waffles, and granola bars. After everyone got their food, the entertainment began. A group of four sang parodies of famous songs with words adopted for the occasion. It was a hoot! They even had "commercial" breaks with made up jingles for things like body glide. After the entertainment, they recognized all the pace group leaders, support volunteers, boston qualifiers, and Goofy runners. Then they gave out a ton of awards including athlete of the year, outstanding rookie and alumni, and other fun things like best injury and the dumbass award. The event ended with a slide show and the Mij award for the the runner with most passion and dedication to each program. The photo below is my pace group, the Road Runners, with all of our bling and western getup.

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