Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Running to work!

I ran 2.5 miles non-stop to work this morning. It was amazing!

I took it easy, but I still managed a sub-14:15 pace; I was expecting something closer to 15. I felt really good and strong at the end and could have easily done at least 3 miles, but it was getting late and hot. I will definitely do this again!

It's nice that my office has showers that make this possible. Since this was a bit spontaneous due to having to leave my bike here last night because of the rain, Jason was nice enough to bike to my office on the way to his and drop off a bag with clothes and my lunch. I left the house around 7:30 a.m (as he got up and began getting ready) since I didn't want to be here too long before him. We arrived about the same time since I ran a bit further than my office and took a nice long cool down walk.

Weather permitting, I'll bike to work tomorrow and leave extra clothes and food here, then run to work Thursday morning. If I already have everything here, I can leave earlier and easily get in a longish run midweek. Not only that, I'd be at work much earlier and then could leave early before the afternoon showers start.

I am also considering joining our local Galloway Training Program through Track Shack so I don't have to do my long runs alone, and I should be ready to run the 1/2 marathon in December. That would be so cool.


Felicia said...

Congrats on your run! That is awesome!!

Have a wonderful week!

Lesley said...

I'm doing the local Galloway training program, will probably to a local half marathon in November. It's helped me a lot!

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! I think buidling in your runs into your daily routine is the key, and the Galloway programme sounds interesting.

Jenn said...

Congrats - - I live 4.2 miles from work and have thought about running to/from but never actually did it, so good for you!

Mama Bear June said...

Congrats! You are doing a great job. Keep making healthy choices.

Simone said...

Well done.

Scale Junkie said...

WOW! You're doing great! I can't believe you can run in this heat.

Brooke Lorren said...

Wow, that's amazing! Good job!

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