Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HYC Check In

I'm going to keep it short and sweet today. In fact, let's use bullets:
  • Last week was great as I got back to running/biking and began my 10K training. I ran 8+ miles (plus 2+ miles in warm up/cool down walks) and biked 20+ miles.

  • I was down to 126.8 lbs on Saturday; a few bad choices over the weekend had me back up yesterday, but it's back down to 127.8 this morning.

  • While I'd like to get down to 125 to have a nice buffer away from 130, I don't think I really need to lose more weight because I am already a size 2 ( or 4 depending on the store/style) and I don't really want to look like a twig. I just want to lose the remaining belly fat and tone up my body, so I guess I need to focus on lifting weights and eating right.

  • I tried pilates last night and it kicked my butt, but I can see how it is a great core workout. I am going to get a beginner pilates DVD and try to do it on a regular basis. I'll alternate with yoga because I still like its relaxing and stretching benefits better.

  • We started a 30-day pescatarian challenge in an attempt to broaden our horizons and explore new recipes. If anybody has good resources for easy vegetarian / pescatarian recipes, please comment.

  • Does anyone use twitter? If so, follow my fitness updates at kitzzyruns or random musings at kitzzy. Post your username in the comments and I'll be happy to follow you and offer encouragement and motivation along your journey.
Hope everyone is doing well and has a fantastic week!


DaDivaStreet said...

Kudos on the workouts! Goodness, I think I was a size 2 when I was born! LOL! Best of luck on your challenge!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on starting your 10K training and on losing more weight. Geez, nearly 9stone - is it OK if I have envious thoughts about you?!

By the way, as you'll see from the blog entry I'm going to write soon, I've been inspired (by you, amongst other reasons) to start running. I commence From Couch to 5K tomorrow. RL x

Binx said...

Congrats! I am also 5'2", and I always get it in my head that my weight is too high for my height. Better to go by size (or how we feel) since you're an athlete and you probably have more muscle mass than the average Jane. Size 2/4 sounds very enviable! :)

Kitzzy said...

Thanks guys! I never really cared to get down to a size 2/4, but that's where I've ended up. I agree Binx, I'm going to gain more muscle and as long as I don't go up in size, I'll be happy.

radiosilents said...

Sounds like you doing well, despite little setbacks here and there. Keep up the GREAT work!

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