Monday, August 18, 2008

10K Training - Week 3 Run 2 & 3 + Week 4 Run 1

I got caught up last week in the excitement of going to Disney and forgot all about this blog, but it was a great week of running.

On Thursday, I had a pretty good run. I started much faster than usual, but ended up slowing down at the end so managed to average the same as Tuesday's run (2.5 in 35 minutes). However, I had nearly even splits throughout the run, which is really unusual for me (I usually have negative splits):

Pace splits
mile 1: 13:50
mile 2: 13:50
finish: 13:57

On Sunday, I ran 4.5 miles!! This was was my longest run yet, and it felt great. I controlled my breathing the whole time and, while I was breathing hard at the end, I was not out of breath. I only stopped twice, but I stopped my watch so I actually ran 4.5 pain-free miles. Right after this run I went to Disney and walked around for the bigger part of the day. I think that was actually a great way to recover from this run.

Today I overslept so I did not run in the morning; however, since it had just rained and there was a break in the rain, I went running after I got home from work. I only ran 2 miles, but I did it in 26 minutes with identical even splits! I know a 13 min/mile pace is slow for most of you, but this is fast for me to maintain as a consistent pace for a whole 2 miles--and this includes about 1 minute of walking too.

This run felt amazing as if I was just gliding on the road. I now understand what triathletes say about running after biking because I was running fast, but it did not feel like it. I feel like I could have run the additional 10 minutes scheduled for today, but I had pushed myself enough and didn't want to break something. I figured a hard 26 minute run was just as good as an easy 35 minutes. I am very pleased with this run.

PS - I'm still slowly losing weight, but I am trying not to focus too much on it since I am at a healthy weight. You can see the stats on the right.

PPS - I still have invites to the dailymile; if you need one, send me your email at kitzzy [at] gmail [dot] com.


*lisa* said...

do you still have daily mile invites?

Kitzzy said...

Yup. Send me your email address and I'll send you one. kitzzy [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Kudos on the run! Sounds like your still knocking it out! Something I may try to do. It seems so many are enjoying it. Have a great week!

Lesley said...

Hi, saw a post of yours on the Daily Mile, added you on Twitter, and found your blog. Keep up the great work! Nice blog.

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