Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 17 Recap

This was another great week! I was very busy, and exercised twice as much as last week, but I didn't feel worn out. I did quite a bit of strength and core work, and felt really strong. I also played paintball for the first time today, and it was awesome! I have all kinds of lovely bruises to show for it =P

This week I'll try to take it a bit easier since Jason and I are participating in Muddy Buddy on Saturday. We've put a lot of work into our costumes, including our bike, so I'm getting really excited. It's killing me that I can't post pics yet, but we want it to be a surprise on race day. For now, I'll tell you that our team name is Alice in Muddyland. So use your imagination and check back on Saturday to see what we came up with and how we did.

Workout Summary
See details on Dailymile
  • Monday - ran 4 miles in 48 minutes; 1hr @ gym of abs + "next level" circuit
  • Tuesday - biked to work - 29 miles roundtrip / 2.5 hrs
  • Wednesday - swam 700 yds in 20 minutes; ran 1.72 miles in 20 minutes
  • Thursday - track workout: ran 5.25 miles in 1 hr
  • Friday - REST
  • Saturday - ran 12.5 miles in 2:39; biked 7.15 in 37 minutes (errands)
  • Sunday - 30 day shred (27 minutes); 19 min yoga for runners; 2 hrs of paintball
Week Totals (rounded)
  • run/walk - 23 miles (4x)
  • bike - 36 miles (3x)
  • swim - 1 hr (2x)
  • strength/core - 2 hrs (2x)
  • yoga - 20 minutes (1x)
  • cross training - 2 hrs (paintball)
  • exercise hours - 13 hrs (14 sessions)
Goals for Upcoming Week
  • 100% vegetarian meals
  • 90% homemade meals
  • Muddy Buddy - Watch out for Team Alice in Muddyland :)


      Lauren said...

      Great week!

      onelittletrigirl said...

      Muddy Buddy sounds like fun. We have something similar here and I had a blast!

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