Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 2010 Recap

This was a pretty good month, even though I didn't do as much as in March. However, easing up on the training for a bit is not a bad thing before I begin ramping up for marathon training again in June. So while I may not have worked out as much this month, I feel they were quality workouts and that is always better than quantity. Read workout details on Dailymile. I am feeling really strong and healthy. May is going to be super busy because we are racing or traveling (or both) almost every weekend, but it should be really exciting with some unconventional races in the books to mix thing sup before marathon training starts and I have to get serious again :)

April Stats
  • run / walk = 64 (58 + 6) miles; longest run = 9 miles
  • bike = 113 miles; longest ride = 14.5 miles
  • swim = 3 miles / 5 hrs
  • total = 180 miles / 33 hrs (avg 1.1 hrs/day)
2010 Goals Progress
To be on track, percentages should be around 30-35%
  • run/walk = 333 / 700 miles (avg 83/mo; 20/wk; 48%)
  • cycling =  276 / 1750 miles (avg 69/mo; 16/wk; 16%)
  • swimming = 8 / 60 miles (13%)
  • tri 2010 challenge =  617 / 2010 (31%)
  • total exercise hours =  143 / 365 hours (avg 1.2 / day; 39%)
  • 101 things = 9 / 30 done (30%);  12 in progress
April Accomplishments
  • Corporate 5k - Great fun with family and friends
  • Run for the Trees 5K - New PR of 32:10!
  • First track session of the year - it went great, and I had so much fun!
  • Learned to swim breast stroke and bilateral breathing - still needs work, but it's progress!
  • Ate 100% vegetarian meals for 30 days - we're still going strong and loving it! 
  • Lived by candlelight for 30 days - I'm kinda over it by now, but will keep it up somewhat (details later) and may try to see if we can make it through May before we have to turn on the a/c again 
  • Ate 85% homemade meals - I would love this to be 100%, but that's unlikely in May because of all the racing and traveling; we may try it in June
  • Wrote 26 blog posts (avg 6.5 / wk) - I added some weekly features, and this is helping me blog more regularly. I'm having a lot of fun and added a few new bloggers to my reading list.
    Goals for May


    The Green Girl said...

    I love how well you track things - it's awesome.

    Congratulations on still keeping very active on a 'slower' month. ::smiles::

    Lauren said...

    Wow the 101 things list is really neat! Great job this month! It was awesome meeting you at run for the trees!

    Anonymous said...

    You seem to be kicking ass...especially all those bike miles!!!

    Kitzzy said...

    Thanks Mary. It's all because of dailymile. They keep tracking all this stuff so easy.

    Lauren, it was great meeting you too. Hopefully we'll see each other again soon at a race.

    Jill, thanks! Getting the bike miles in is easy, when I am motivated, because it's 29 miles roundtrip to work, so even doing it once a week it quickly adds up.

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