Monday, May 3, 2010

Shaking Things Up in May

May is my month to let loose and try some new adventures before I begin marathon training in June. An exciting opportunity awaits me every weekend in May, starting with playing paintball yesterday.

Many years ago, I sort of played paintball with my boyfriend at the time. However, I was terrified and mostly hid behind a bush the entire time hoping no one would shoot me. This time I was determined to get out there and get the full experience.

I am a different person today, not (as) afraid to take risks or get a little dirty, so I was pretty excited to give this a shot (no pun intended). I was a bit anxious at first, but winning our first game without getting shot gave me the confidence I needed to let loose. I got shot plenty after that, and have 3 huge bruises to prove it, but it was so much fun that I am already plotting to go back.

Here's what awaits me the rest of the month:

5/8 - Muddy Buddy
I've never really been too keen on getting muddy, but I want to share in the fun with Jason and do something a bit out of my comfort zone. I'll have to push myself a bit to keep up with him, or at least not hold him back too much, but we're just going to go have fun. Jason did this last year with Caleb, dressed as Mario and Luigi, and they won the costume contest. We've worked hard on our Alice in Muddyland costumes this year, so I'm excited to unveil them.

5/16 - Bay to Breakers
This will be my first out-of-state race, and I'm really excited. I love San Francisco, and this is an awesome fun race. I'll be running it, in costume, but I have no time goal in mind. Being my first 12k it is already a PR, but the main goal is to go have a blast while getting some exercise and taking in the "sights." I'll be running with my camera :)

5/22 - Left Behind Left Over Half Marathon
This is an unofficial fun run race that our training program puts on to end the off-season training session with leftover race shirts and bibs. The idea is that many travel out of state for a spring race, so this is for those who are left behind :) After the race, we have a potluck breakfast. I missed this last year, but I hope to attend this year while Jason is in Georgia competing in the Warrior Dash with his dad.

5/29 - Firefighter Challenge 
I'm still deciding if I want to do this. Jason did it last year, while I took photos, and he said it was really hard. He is not doing it this year, but I wanted to try it. I planned to train for it by running stairs or using the stair master at the gym, but I haven't. He didn't really train for it last year, and he wished he had. This will probably be a last minute decision depending on how the rest of the month goes. The truth is that I'm likely be burnt out by then and need a rest week before doing the magic mile the following weekend.

Other things I'd like to do this month, but that I have not yet scheduled, include rock climbing, ultimate freesbie, kickball, and racquetball. If you are interested in any of those, let me know and let's plan something!


Kim said...

I've always wanted to do Muddy Buddy! Maybe next year...

Kitzzy said...

Kim, I'll let you know how it goes and if I'll be back :)

Lauren said...

rock climbing :) There's a great place in Longwood! On second hand you actually have to belay each other there which is kinda scary.... but fun :D

Kitzzy said...

Lauren, the one time I went I did it at UCF and I think we had to belay ourselves there too. I am thinking I may just get a day pass at the UCF gym and go there after work since I won't have to travel far :)

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