Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three Things Thursday: SF Hills, SF Run, Segway Tour

#1 I walked 6.6 miles in the San Francisco hills yesterday, and I'm a bit surprised that my calves and hamstrings are so sore. It was an incredible workout, and the last mile was carrying groceries uphill then 4 flights of stairs up to the apartment. Running Bay to Breakers on Sunday out to be interesting.

#2 I went for my first SF run this morning, and it was awesome. We ran along Marina Blvd. to an amazing view. I ran 5K in 33 minutes! That's my fastest time for a non-stop 5K and only 50 seconds slower than my 5K PR. With a little speed work, I know a 30 minute 5K is possible before the end of the year. Splits: 10:58 - 11:03 - 10:12 - 7:58 (46s)

#3 We ended the day with the Night Waterfront Segway Tour, which was awesome! After a quick training session, our small group of 4 plus the tour guide took to the streets of SF. I was surprised to learned we were riding on the streets and that it's illegal to ride on the sidewalk. This worried me a little at first, but quickly got over it when I realized it's no different than riding a bike on the street. I was a bit apprehensive of riding up hills, but it wasn't too bad. Riding downhill was a bit scarier, but you quickly get over that too. Our first stop on the tour was the pier where we could ride around on our own and enjoy the amazing view  at dusk of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the boats on the harbor, and Ghirardelli Square. Then we rode around the city while our tour guide shared fun facts. It was quite chilly, so I'm glad I bundled up. My feet were freezing and I still felt cold despite wearing a ton of layers. After the tour, we rode the bus home with a big bag of Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Yum!


    The Green Girl said...

    Aw, I'm glad you had such a good day, Kitzzy. I wish San Francisco wasn't so far away from Southern California!

    Kitzzy said...

    Awww, me too :(

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