Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two for Tuesday: Candlelight & Vegetarian Update

I'm going to stick with Three Things Thursdays (instead of Tuesdays) and add Two for Tuesday because I like the alliteration :) Today's quickie post will be a brief update on our efforts to live by candlelight and eat only vegetarian meals.

I'm so glad the month of no artificial lights is over. I know I could have turned on the lights during April if I really needed to, but I like achieving goals I set, so I stuck with it for 30 days. I enjoy living by candlelight, but it's no fun doing certain things in the dark (e.g. shaving, some cooking, picking out clothes, or finding a small misplaced item). We're still making the most of daylight and candlelight as much as possible, but I won't hesitate to turn on a light when I really need it. While I can still shave, cook, and find misplaced items with candle light, it is inefficient because it takes longer to feel my way around or light more candles than to flick on the light for a few seconds. One thing is for certain, our eyes have grown accustomed to the darkness; we recoil like vampires when we turn on the lights. We've notice how bright and harsh artificial light is, so we'll continue using candles and only use artificial light sporadically. 

Vegetarian Diet
We are still going strong at 34 days with no end in sight. We haven't really missed meat, except for the occasional social gathering, so we don't see ourselves adding it back into our diets anytime soon. I do not know if it's all mental, or the amount and variety of exercise I've been doing lately, but I feel better and seem to have more energy. It could be that this diet allows me to exercise more and that is where I am getting the extra energy and good feelings.

The month of Jason cooking is also over, so I have to step back into the kitchen. I am actually excited about cooking again. I think all I needed was a little reprieve to re-energize, plus cooking vegetarian meals is not the same old same old. To avoid getting burnt out again, we're going to take turns planning meals every week and both help with the prep when cooking meals -- since a big portion of cooking vegetarian meals is chopping tons of veggies :)

Not only do I feel good physically, but I feel good knowing I am doing my part for the environment and fair treatment of animals. The food is also tastier and more diverse. This article, Meat Versus Miles: Why Less Meat is Better Than Going Local, showed up in my RSS reader this morning, and it is very timely. We are doing both, but sometimes we have no choice but to buy our stuff at Publix due to timing, supply, etc, so it's good to know that giving up meat is having that much more impact on the environment.


Lauren said...

Wow that's very cool! congrats! I never thought about using candles but it would but much cheaper than electricity!!

Kitzzy said...

Thanks Lauren. Yeah, it is much cheaper and easier on your eyes, plus the apartment smells nicer :) It also forces you to get more done before the sun goes down.

The Green Girl said...

I like the alliteration, too. ::smiles::

That's awesome that you guys are sticking to the vegetarian diet so far. Good for you!

Robin said...

Love, love, love the animal-friendly approach. :) When I gave up (nearly all) meat - now only salmon or a bite of chicken bought from a farm - I immediately noticed a difference in the way I felt. Less bogged down. Good for you guys!

I love candles in the evening! And since we live directly on the lake w/out window coverings, we don't usually have lamps on at night. Peaceful. :)

Kitzzy said...

Thanks Mary, I really think it's making a difference.

Robin, that's it exactly -- less bogged down. I notice it even more when I don't eat as well. I ate some "junk" food at our work social today -- some french fries, cookies, and even a few mozzarella (2?) sticks -- and I felt immediately crappy. I've felt lethargic all evening and don't even want to eat anything else. Yuck!

Lauren said...

Hey girl I would TOTALLY be down for rock climbing. We'd just have to learn how to belay each other (I've done it before but I'd need a refresher course)

The link is here: http://www.aiguille.com/home/index.shtml

I'm free this Saturday during the day (I have night plans :D) Let me know! (comment on my blog cause I don't know how to be notififed of follow up comments on this one lol)

Lauren said...

Hey girl - the UCF tower is closed during break but any other time I'm down! And my summer classes start the 17th of May so I'll be busy some nights during the week (I don't remember which ones yet). Anywayyyy That all sounds really good :).

my email is lhadleyucf@gmail.com if you just want to email me to keep me in the loop :D

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