Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Bike Camping, Watermelon 5K, Week 26

I've been a blogging slacker, among other things, so I'm going to use this Three Things Thursday post to catch up, in reverse.

#1 - Slow Week / Bike Camping 

This has been a slow week so far, exercise-wise. I had Monday off and I did absolutely nothing, other than walk to Publix for what I'm sure was junk food. Then I called in sick on Tuesday and Wednesday, which also meant no biking. I could have, and should have, done some yoga, but I instead got distracted resting and playing with my new iPhone 4 -- it was a much needed upgraded from my original iPhone!

I seem to have developed plantar fasciitis (boo!) so I've not been doing any speed work and trying to take it easy on the runs I do. It's not too bad yet, but I don't want to make it worse. While I do want to work on speed this year, it is more important that I stay strong and healthy and make it to the start line of the full and half marathons I have planned. I need to keep reminding myself of this over and over =P I got a night splint and that has been helping, but it's still lingering.

So far I've gotten both runs in this week, shorter than usual, and I expect to make up for the lack of exercise this weekend. I've got a 12 mile run scheduled for Saturday, then we are going camping at Blue Springs by bike, which means 40+ miles each way. Jason will be hauling all our gear in the bike trailer. This ought to be interesting :)

#2 - Watermelon 5k Race Report

On Sunday I ran the Watermelon 5k with my parents. We wore matching shirts that I made us and had a blast. Jason volunteered instead of running it. The humidity was insane, and the race is pretty crowded, so there were no attempts at a PR; I just wanted to have fun. Dad lined up a little bit ahead of us and because of the heat/crowds finished in over 30 minutes for the first time ever (lol). I stayed with mom the whole time and took photos and video of us as we ran. It was a blast and nice not to feel pressured to run fast. I'm sure my foot appreciated it too.

My Running Family @ Watermelon 5K 2010

#3 - Week 26 Recap

Week Totals (rounded)
  • run - 15 miles
  • walk - 11 miles
  • bike - 68 miles
  • total - 94 miles / 12.5 hours
Workout Summary
See details on Dailymile
  • Monday - biked 29 miles (roundtrip to work)
  • Tuesday - ran 4 miles (hills); walked 2 miles (bus stop)
  • Wednesday - biked 29 miles (roundtrip to work)
  • Thursday - ran 2.5 miles (easy; plantar fasciitis); walked 2.5 miles (bus stop)
  • Friday - walked 3.5 miles (bus stop + cvs)
  • Saturday - ran 5 miles; walked 3 miles (errands, etc)
  • Sunday - ran watermelon 5k; biked 9 miles (roundtrip to race + publix)

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