Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Five: Life without a Car

It's been 3 1/2 weeks living without a car -- commuting everywhere by foot, bike, bus, or train -- and so far it's going well. There have been a few challenges, but overall we're adjusting well. Below is a combined list of my top 5 pros and cons. Can you think of others? Any questions about how we've handled specific situations?
  1. [pro] save money on gas, tolls, car insurance, and car maintenance
  2. [proguaranteed daily exercise -- even when I don't bike to work, I at least walk 2 miles to/from the bus stop
  3. [protime to be productive/rest while I commute to work by bus; I don't always take advantage of this, but I'm trying to use the time to read. I need to get some audio books
  4. [con] takes longer to bike or ride the bus to work than to drive
  5. [conrainy days can be challenging, especially if I biked to work that day

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