Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 24 Recap

This was a great week! I ran 4 times, a total of 20 miles, which I haven't done since the last week in April. Marathon training is off to a great start; the 3:1 group is working out well, and I'm loving the track workouts! I've been reading the Ultimate Runner, which is really inspirational and makes me itch to run another marathon already -- as if I really needed further motivation :)

Since I am doing 3 runs per week with my Galloway training group (instead of just long runs on Saturdays), I'm adding a 4th run to my training schedule that's just for me and for the joy of running. It will be short, slow, and without walk breaks whenever I feel like it. It may not happen every week, specially when I have a really long run on Saturday, but it'll serve as a nice recovery run and way to clear my head when needed. I did the first today and it was great.

In the food front, I am still not eating chocolate and it is taking every ounce of will power to keep it up for another 10 days. I've already eaten out 4 times this month, so let's hope I can make it another 10 days without eating out. However, even if I eat out once more, that is still 94.4% homemade meals, so that would be close enough.

How was your week?

Week Totals (rounded)
  • run - 20 miles (4 runs) 
  • walk - 9 miles 
  • bike - 70 miles 
  • yoga -  1h 47m / 6 sessions
  • exercise hours - 14.5 hrs
Workout Summary
See details on Dailymile
  • Monday 
    • biked 29 miles (work x2)
    • 40 min yoga (2x)
  • Tuesday 
    • biked 29 miles (GMS + work x2)
    • ran 4 miles in 46 min @ 11:27 (tempo)
    • 20 min yoga 
  • Wednesday 
    • walked 1.25 miles (bus stop)
    • 17 min yoga
  • Thursday 
    • ran 5 miles (track)
    • walked 2.25 miles (bus stop + wu/cd)
    • 12 min yoga
  • Friday - walked 4.7 miles (bus stop x2 + dinner)
  • Saturday 
    • ran 8.25 miles @ 12:08 (long)
    • biked 11 miles (GMS + movies)
    • 18 min yoga
  • Sunday
    • ran 3 miles in 38 min @ 12:45  (recovery)
    • walked 1.2 miles (fm + publix)

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