Thursday, June 10, 2010

Magic Mile in 9:04!

This started out as a Three for Thursday post but it got too long so I'm making it three different posts.

Galloway marathon training started on Saturday with our magic mile timed trial. I was still unsure if the foot was healed, so I didn't give it my all for fear of making it worse and jeopardizing my chances to race the triathlon this weekend. I almost didn't even go, but since I was awake I figured I'd go walk and socialize. Once I got there, I did a warm up and then decided to go for it. But I held back a lot and ran the mile in 9:45 -- I didn't feel any pain, but I'm sure the insane humidity didn't help. I was disappointed, but knew I had done the right thing by listening to my body and not rushing into it. 

I ran the following day as part of a brick workout, and again on Tuesday, without any pain. The foot is all better now. Yay! So I tried the magic mile again this morning during our first track workout, and I ran it in 9:04! I was hoping for something under 9 minutes, but this is still faster than last September so I'll take it. I'm sure it will be under 9 by the end of the year. However, this MM time means that my sub-30 5k goal is well within my reach. Here's what the formula says my pace/times should be for the various distances.
  • 5K = 9:37 min/mile (29:49)
  • 10K = 10:26 min/mile (1:04:39)
  • Half Marathon = 10:53 min/mile (2:22:32)
  • Marathon = 11:47 min/mile (5:08:49)
  • Training = 13:47 min/mile (6:01:13)


Lauren said...

Great job girl that is really good :D Great pace predictions too! Get that under 30!

Kitzzy said...

Thanks Lauren! I know I can run a sub-30 5k but I always hold myself back. I've never been an athlete before I started running 2 years ago, so I really don't know how to push myself but I'm learning :)

Harold said...

Smart move listening to your body and taking it easy and then going for it when you were pain free. Awesome job!

Kitzzy said...

Thanks Harold! I am nothing if not overly cautious lol

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