Monday, March 3, 2008

New Old Clothes

Last night I was looking through my other closet--you know the one with all the clothes that are either out of season (read: it's too damn hotin Florida) or that do not fit me at the time, but for which I have hopes that someday I will again be able to wear. Anyway, I was looking for these dresses to wear when I go to Mexico--oh yeah, I am going to Mexico in about 2 weeks--because they are very light and casual, when I decided to see if some of my old clothes fit.

And they do!

Not everything fits yet, but I had several pairs of pants I had bought at the Rave years ago that I love because they are so comfy and the fabric is really light. I swear it has been years since I have been able to wear them, but I am wearing one of them NOW! I think they even fit better than they did when I bought them :) I also promoted some of the tops to my regular closet that I had stowed away because, while they technically fit, they made me look pregnant.

This feels so good and totally motivates me to keep this up and reach my next goal. I almost fit into a size 8 again. I tried on some of my size 8s and, while snug and not really ready for public consumption yet, they do zip up! I should be able to wear them in a couple of weeks, which is good because I have an entire suit in there that I don't think I've ever worn--the skirt still has the tag on it! I think I bought them ages ago (at least 6 years ago) because they were on sale and they technically fit and I would be able to wear them when I lost weight--of course at the time I was doing nothing to try to lose weight.

I still have plenty of work to do because I have some pretty long skirts in there that I really want to wear that still do not fit, but being a size 8 again is great. I do not plan to buy any clothes unless they are a size 8/medium or smaller. Though I think I am pretty good on pants for a while now :)

Once I reach my goal of 145 lbs, which should be this weekend, my next goal will probably be 140 lbs. (ultimately I want to be 135 or less, but I find that setting goals of 5 lbs at a time keeps me more motivated). I really have been wanting to buy Karaoke Revolution for the xbox 360, but I am going to hold off and make it my reward for reaching 140 lbs. That should be in about a month, or less, so if I still want it by then it will be the perfect reward. If not, maybe another facial--which I think will be my reward this weekend.

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