Friday, March 28, 2008

Fitness Update: -11.60 lbs in 58 days

day102: lifestyle change
Starting Weight: 152 (1/29/08)
Previous Weigh-in: 143.2 (3/15)
Weight before Mexico: 142.8 (3/19: -.4)
Weight after Mexico: 145.6 (3/24: +2.8)
Current Weigh-in: 140.4
Weight Difference: -2.8 / -5.2
Total Weight Loss: -11.6
Mini Goal Met: over 10lbs loss
Current Goal: 135 lbs (5.4 lbs to go)

It is a little alarming that I lost over 5 lbs in the 4 days since I've been back from Mexico, but I think the heavy weigh-in on Monday reflected all the bad food, sodium, alcohol consumption and water retention from the day or 2 prior rather than my real weight. Despite my best intentions, I did not workout while in Mexico--unless you count all the walking, which was not enough to counter the amount of food (take out) that I ate. In the 4 days since I've been back, my food intake went back to normal and I got my workout regimen back on track. I walked 2-4 miles everyday this week and did 20-30 minutes of cardio kickboxing on 3 of those days. That is amazing compared to the 10 mi/day of cardio kick I did when I started.

I've been trying to figure out what motivated me to keep going this time since I've had many false starts in the past. I guess I didn't really mean it before and didn't have goals in mind. This time I have focus and specific goals (e.g. get fit so Jason and I can compete in the Urban Challange without me feeling like I am going to pass out). I think the slow and steady pace has really helped. Other than adding more veggies, fruit, and healthier snacks and eating smaller portions more often throughout the day, I have not really stopped eating any of the foods I love--only the amount of them I have in one seating.

This really has been a lifestyle change because I now look at doing physical activity in a whole new way. Jason had tried to get me to ride our bikes to work and I cringed at the thought. I tried it once and decided it was not for me. But now I do not even bat an eye at the thought of walking 2 miles to work or to the corner store (did that last night with Mel and walked back with a backpack full of beer). Best of all, I feel great, have more energy and I am saving money by not eating out as much and walking to work (if I can keep it up with the hot Florida weather).

I probably should give some credit to the 365 days self portrait project. I think it has helped me become more self aware and thus more motivated in bettering myself. Who knows. I never really thought this project would have this effect, I just wanted to take better pictures.

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