Friday, March 7, 2008

Fitness Update: -8.4 lbs in 37 days

day077: new old clothes
Starting Weight: 152 (1/29/08)
Previous Weigh-in: 146
Current Weigh-in: 143.6
Weight Difference: -2.4
Total Weight Loss: -8.4

Current Goal: 145 lbs - Exceeded!

New Goal: 135 lbs (8.6 lbs to go)

My next goal was going to be 140, but since I am so close to that already, I am going to go for 135 lbs. I cannot believe I lost that much weight this week; but I did workout everyday but yesterday, for 30 minutes on most days, and I ate pretty good this week. I had a few days with only 20 minutes or so of activity, and one day of yoga (Dynamic Stretch) because my knee was bothering me again. I really need to schedule at least one day a week for yoga or the like to give myself a productive break and relax. I just always feel like I have the energy to do a cardio workout and don't want to waste it on yoga, but I need to because it is just as important as the cardio and weight training.

I am giving up on Gyminee because it really is more than I need. I only track what I eat because it helps me make better choices when I have to write it down, so I am now using TweatWhatYouEat for that. It is super easy and convenient (I just IM it what I eat--I can even do it from my phone). I use Google Calendar to track my daily exercise and weekly weigh-ins; it helps me to look at how active I've been during the week or the month at a glance.

I am really happy with my progress so far and I am going to reward myself with some new Legos after work (see next post for details).

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