Monday, March 17, 2008

Fitness Update: -8.8 lbs in 42 days

(I should have posted this on Friday, 3/14, but I kept forgetting: better late than never)

Starting Weight: 152 (1/29/08)
Previous Weigh-in: 143.6
Current Weigh-in: 143.2
Weight Difference: -.4
Total Weight Loss: -8.8

Current Goal: 135 lbs (8.2 lbs to go)

Not much of a loss this week, but at least I did not gain any weight; and the size 8 pants I bought at Target a week or two ago fit comfortably today. This really does not surprise me because I only did 3 days of cardio last week. I completely skipped Friday (I think this will have to become my official rest day). I went to Disney Sat & Sun, so I at least walked around quite a bit, but no actual workout on either of these days. On Thursday I did Yoga because I tried a new workout on Wed and I needed to relax my muscles; and I don't usually have time to workout and eat before poker night. I am starting to see a pattern here, so I think Thursdays will be my Yoga day, Friday my off day, and the rest alternating cardio and weights.

I leave for Mexico Wednesday, so I will weigh myself that morning and then on Sunday when I return. I may try out the Fitness Ladder while I am there so I still get some exercise, on top of all the walking we'll probably be doing. I may put some of my workout videos in my ipod, but I think it will be difficult to watch that and workout at the same time. If I put ones I've been doing a lot I should be able to do it by just listening. I am trying to be good and workout everyday until then since I am sure my food choices won't be the healthiest either.

On March 29th, we're doing a 2 Mile Run/Walk in Winter Park if anyone wants to join us. I'll probably just walk for the 2 miles, but I do need to go for a walk or hit the treadmill to figure out my pace.

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