Sunday, September 25, 2011

Race Report: Miracle Miles 15 2011

On September 24, I ran my 2nd 15K in 1:42:48. That is a 7 minute PR from my first 15K in 2009 (1:49:50 @ 11:48). Technically I ran a 15K in 2010 in 1:44:49 @ 11:16, but that was really a 10K and 5K on the same day with 30 min break, so I'm not really counting that. If I were, I still beat that time by 2 minutes.

Official Results
  • clock: 1:44:39
  • chip: 1:42:48
  • pace: 11:01.7 (based on 9.3, but I ran 9.43)
  • ag: 86 / 169
  • overall: 1053 / 1698
  • gender: 493 / 956
  • Runmeter: 9.43 miles in 1:42:56 @ 10:55, Map/Splits:

Pre-race: I met my group at Lake Eola at 6:30 am, which meant we got to sleep in! :) We ran an easy 2 miles to the start at 1:1 intervals, and got there shortly after 7 am as the 5k was starting. We had just enough time to stretch, take a group photo and line up at the start.

Race: We started pretty far back, which is fine by me to avoid starting out too fast. Most of us started together at 2:1 intervals with the intention of switching to 3:1 intervals somewhere near mile 4 or 5, but it was so hot and humid that we decided to stick with 2:1 for the whole race.

The course was great, with plenty of support, but could have used more shade and less hills :) The race started at 7:30 am, which is really too late for this time of year. We were on pace for a 1:40 finish, but started to fade at the end as the sun really started beating down on us. Jass pushed us to finish strong and I was happy to cross the finish line in under 1:45 with a 7 minute PR.

Post race: after refueling with some oranges, bananas, and ice pops, we walked the 2 miles back and a few of us hung out at Panera for a bit plotting running a coast to coast relay. Good times! Even though this race is always challenging because of the heat, I love the course and distance, so I'll be back!

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