Sunday, September 4, 2011

Marathon 2 Training - Week 14

This was a pretty good week, despite feeling a little off for a few days. I'm pleased I got back on my bike , and it may have been just the little push I needed to get back on track. Yesterday was a really busy and exhausting day celebrating my 33rd birthday, and it actually included a ton of exercise. I'll post a full race report for the 10K later, but with a slight PR it was a great way to start my birthday. For now, here's a quick recap of the week. 

Week Summary: ran 20 miles; walked 6 miles; biked 24 miles; 15m yoga; 15m core
  • Mon - walked 3.25 miles; 15m core
  • Tue - walked 2.5 miles; ran 5 miles 
  • Wed - REST (not feeling well)
  • Thu - ran 4.5 miles (track)
  • Fri - biked 17 miles; 15m yoga
  • Sat - ran 7.5 miles (including 10K PR); biked 6.8 miles
  • Sun - ran 2.7 miles
Goals for this Week: run 20 miles; walk 10 miles; bike; yoga x 3; core x 2
  • Mon - yoga, core (maybe cardio kick)
  • Tue - run, walk
  • Wed - core, walk
  • Thu - run, walk
  • Fri - yoga, walk
  • Sat - run, bike, yoga
  • Sun - yoga, bike, (maybe core or cardio kick)

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