Monday, February 21, 2011

MBE: Racing and Vacations

This Weeks Monday Brain Exchange Question:

Do you make vacations out of your races when they are far from home?

I've only run one race out of state, Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, and hell yeah we made a vacation out of it. We were already spending the money to fly out there, which is the biggest expense, so we stayed for a week with friends and had a great time.

We want to go back this year for their 100th anniversary, but my dad wants to run the San Francisco Half Marathon in July, so we may go run that instead. We may not stay for a week this time, but we'll probably take a few days off before and after for a long weekend there.

In March, we're driving to Sarasota for Jason's 2nd Half Ironman and we're going to make a mini vacation out of it and celebrate our 7th anniversary.

I applied for the New York City Marathon, and if I get in you bet we'll be turning that into a vacation. I've only been there once, but love that city.

Eventually, I would love to run in every state, but that will take some time. 

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