Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the road again ... (10K Training Week 1 Run 1)

Stitches Removed

I finally got my stitches removed yesterday morning, so I can start running and biking again. Yay! Apparently there are still stitches on the inside that I could tare and those take 60-90 days to dissolve so I need to be careful still and I won't be able to do pushups/crunches/weights for a while.


I went running when I got home last night. It was not too hot/humid, but I only managed 1.5 miles. We wont talk about how long that took because the important thing is that I got out there and ran after 2+ weeks of being benched. The run felt really awkward, as if I didn't know how to anymore. *lol*

A few things could be the cause for this: 1) I didn't bring my ipod so had nothing to distract me, but it really wasn't that bad to not have music and I didn't even realize it until 1/2 mile into it; 2) I was carrying my new 12oz Amphipod water bottle and because of the lack of music the splashing of the water was driving me crazy--how do you guys deal with that!? I am not crazy about this bottle, but I think I am just not crazy about carrying it. I also got a bit of a side stitch towards the end, but I did it!

This was the official start of training for my 10K in October 12. Today is a rest day and I was going to get up and do an easy mile or two in the morning, since the plan calls for only 3 days of running and I plan to add an extra "no rules" run to the mix, but I decided to do that on Thursday since I want at least 24 hours between runs.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

I've been steadily losing weight by really trying to eat balanced foods according to My Pyramid Plan. I think this is working remarkably well, and is forcing me to vary my eating. I love it! I fully expected to put on weight during my running hiatus and was just focusing on not gaining, but my focus on healthy eating really paid off and I've lost weight. Below are my full stats, goals from last week and goals for the upcoming week.

Full Stats:

Height: 5'2"
Heaviest Weight: 164 (12/5/06)
Starting Weight: 152 (1/29/08)
Current Weight: 127.6 lbs
Total Loss: -24.4 in 179 days (6 mo)
(16% of body weight)
BMI: 23.3

Current Goal: 125
Lbs to go: 2.6

Goals met last week:

-- Meatless/Seafood Meals: 71% of main 3 meals/day (goal 75%)
-- Home Cooked Meals: 86% of main 3 meals/day (goal 80% -- exceeded)
-- Maintain weight: current weight 127.6 lbs (goal 129-130 -- exceeded)
-- Follow My Pyramid Plan: I did pretty well on this. I exceeded my fruits and veggies allocations but if I am going to eat more of anything it should be fruits and veggies, so I am happy with that. Amazingly, I did not exceed my meat/beans/nuts allocation. I fell short on grains and dairy, but I still had more than I usually do, so that is a win for me.

Goals for this week:
I decided to set my workout out goals in days instead of miles to simplify things and because is more important to get out there for a run than how many miles I do. I'll still track my millage, but I just want to run this week and get back into the swing of things.

Weekly Fitness Goals


Irish Mom said...

Sounds like you are doing great & having awesome results!! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Glad the stitches are out. You're still on track & knocking it out! Good luck with your training! Have a great week

Mark Salinas said...

First visit for me..nice site! Looks looks like you have a solid plan!

carla said...

kudos to you and I had to yank myself from the lurking shadows to say you have the perfect plan.

focus on the GETTING OUT THERE not the milage.

it's all about DOing something as often as you can.


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