Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HYC Check In & Request

I keep forgetting to post these updates on time (or I remember too late and don't feel like writing it). The recovery from the cyst removal is going well. I go in to have the sutures removed on Monday; and, if all goes well, I'll be running that night :) Despite my best intentions, I have not done any exercise in almost 2 weeks, unless you count a 2-3 hour behind the scenes tour at Sea World last Saturday. I am hoping my first run won't suck too much because I need to get serious about my 10K training stat!

All that being said, I feel really good about my food choices this week. I had a bit of a slip on Saturday, but I've already shed those extra pounds and I am back on track. This week, I've really been focusing on following my pyramid plan (customized for my lack of physical activity) in order to eat a more balanced diet throughout the day and maintain my weight while I can't work out. It calls for less fruits/veggies than I've been eating, because I had forgotten to adjust it for my current weight. It will go up a bit next week when I use an adjusted plan for the added activity of running and biking again.

I am still not counting calories and I not stressing too much if I don't meet each category exactly, but this serves as a nice guide to force me to vary my food, and limit my meat intake. When I get hungry, before I reach for a snack I take a look at my handy pyramid chart (yes, I made this because I am that anal =P) and reach for foods from the food groups where I am lacking the most for that day. This has helped me get more dairy (calcium) and grains. I feel really good about my choices these past 2 days and hope I can keep that up and ride easy street to 125 lbs :)

Request (semi unrelated)

Ever since I started to focus on my health/running, my photography has taken a backseat. While I am still doing the 365days self-portrait project, my motivation and creativity are waning. I am kinda sad that I've missed 4 days so far, but I am not calling this a failure yet as that is truly representative of life; and that is what this project means to me: a representation of one year in my life.

Anyway, I come to you for help and inspiration. Post any ideas you have for theme weeks or even a single photo. What would you like to see a picture of? Remember, I need to be in it if only in part. If it's related to this blog/heatlth/fitness all the better, but it doesn't have to be. I'll try to take and incorporate all your suggestions in the coming days, and post the pictures here as well.


Scale Junkie said...

How about geographical self portraits with you at some local landmarks?

radiosilents said...

Hey, it's great to hear that you're recovering well and ready to get back into running. I've really missed all your usual posting, and can't wait to hear about your 10K training. :)

Katschi said...

Well, I'm never opposed to a great food shot.
You could take a picture of a letter on store signs each day to make up a word or phrase at the end of the week.

Katschi said...

It would be nice if I could read! I don't know how you'd do this while getting yourself in the picture. Unless you wrote the letter on a board & posed with it.
Being a Katschi, I like your name Kitzzy!

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