Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marathon 2 Training - 18 Miles

Today I ran 18 miles, and it was a great run despite the absurd heat and humidity. But before I go into the details of today's run, let's back up a bit and recap the last 3 weeks of training.

Week 9 = 15 miles - hills, 400s, and 7 mile LSD

Week 10 = 15 miles

This included 2 easy 5-mile runs during the week, and a rough 5 miler on the weekend. My plan was to run 7 miles, including 5 mile repeats, but (running fast in) the heat beat me and I was done after 4 miles (1 of which was the warm up). I tried to run 2 more easy, but I turned around after 1/2 mile and walked the last 1/3 mile back. I knew I did the smart thing by stopping when I didn't feel well instead of risking heat stroke, but I admit it broke my spirt a bit. I was apprehensive of going outside the rest of the weekend, but we can't appreaciate the good runs without a few bad ones in there.

Week 11 = 27.5 miles!
  • Tuesday - After the bad run on 8/6, I really needed a win and Tuesday delivered. After a 1 mile warm up (which was rather speedy too), I ran 4 miles at marathon race pace and felt great. 
  • Thursday - I had the not so brilliant idea of attempting a timed mile when it was absurdly hot. Needless to say, it did not go so well but it was still under 9 minutes so I was ok with that. Then I ran 4 x 800 but didn't push too hard because my legs were tired and I didn't want to destroy them before today's LSD. As it was, I was afraid I had done some damage because my legs felt sore for a few days.
  • Saturday (today) - 18 amazing miles
18 Miles!

And that brings us to today. I ran 18 miles at an average pace of 12:37 m/m (compared to 13:50 in 2009)! We started at 4 am and ran 5 miles with 1/1 intervals at an average pace of 13:30, then ran the last 13 miles with 2/1 intervals and increasingly faster pace. I didn't have perfect negative splits, but the average pace for the last 9 miles was a minute per mile faster than the first 9. I love that! Sure I was hurting a bit at the end, but I felt good and still had enough to finish strong. 

After I got home and took a shower, I tried on my new 110% compression capri, along with me Zensah calf sleeves. Wow! These things are amazing! They immediately made my legs feel less achy, and I was able to easily ice everywhere without having to sit ackwardly or rig up a way to get the ice to stay in place. My right foot and shin have been a little tender, but I've been icing and wearing my sleeves most of the day just in case. Tomorrow I'm getting a message and hopefully that will resolve any other issues. 

We have a tempo run scheduled for Tuesday, but I'll listen to my body and switch it for an easy run if I'm not fully recovered from today. Next Saturday we're again scheduled for miles repeats, but with 20 miles on the schedule for the following week, I may substitute that for an easy 8 mile run instead. I'm going to play it by ear and see how the week goes.

Cross Training 

I'm still slacking on everything else, although I at least did a bit of yoga and walking this week. I know I really need to get back to doing core work because I can certainly feel it after that 18 miler today. 

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