Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Running Gear

Last winter, I wrote a post about gear I used to get through running in the cold. I thought I had running in the heat down, but that was before I started training for a marathon and doing double digit runs in "feels like" 100+ temps. So here's some of the gear that I've been using to get through these runs. Most of these are not new, just getting more exposure now and have become essential instead of just "nice to have."

Amphipod RunLite Snapflask 4 Hydration Belt

I've had this hydration belt since 2009 when I trained for my first marathon. I typically only used it when I was running long alone or if we started a long run before support started, but now I wear it for every single run with at least 1 water bottle. Part of the reason is that I use it to carry my phone, so if I am going to wear it I might as well carry at least one bottle. But I've found that in this weather I want to carry my own water, even if we have water stops every 2-3 miles, so that I can sip water as needed and wash down nutrition instead of doing it on a given schedule. I also own the Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Lite 12oz and CamelBak Quick Grip Handheld Bottle, but I prefer the belt so I don't have to carry anything. Jason uses the Amphipod bottle for all his short runs, but I think it affects my form to carry it and hurts my shoulder, and now I'm used to running with the belt to at least hold my phone.

Amphipod Beltpod SmartView Pouch

I bought this add-on for my belt to carry my iPhone. After my Garmin watch broke, I started using my iPhone with the Runmeter App to track my runs. My running skirts have pockets that can hold the phone, but because of the heat I get so sweaty and my skirt gets drenched, so I wanted my phone to have more protection from moisture. It works great and I love the clear view screen to check on my progress during the run.

Electrolye Capsules

Jason bought these for his last half ironman triathlon. They offer cramp prevention with a full spectrum electrolyte balanced formula in a simple to take capsule. Since we already had them, I started taking them during my long runs and they seem to help. There are a ton of other options in the market, I am not claiming that these are the best. I am simply using these because is what we already had.

I cut my hair really short 2 months ago because of the heat, so I needed a hat to hold back my hair. However, it makes me even hotter so now that my hair is long enough to tame with a bondi bond and hair clips, I leave the hat at home. The hat is also useful for clipping a light when running in the dark before the sun starts beating down on us, but maybe is time to invest in a visor.

Wrist Sweatband & Towel
I love these to wipe sweat off my face/eyes. I wear a bondi band for all my runs, regardless of weather, but in the summer it is not enough because sweat materializes directly on my face. I've started carrying a quick drying microfiber hand towel to wipe off sweat. It's absolutely drenched halfway through a long run, but it helps keep me a tad cool.

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