Sunday, August 21, 2011

Marathon 2 Training - Week 12

After a shaky start, this turned out to be a great week of training. It's amazing what a little extra rest can do for your confidence, speed, and resolve :)

Week Summary: ran 16 miles; 1h 41 minutes of yoga; walked 8 miles
  • Monday - REST - Stayed home from work to nurse and ice a sore foot.
  • Tuesday - REST - skipped run to let foot rest
  • Wednesday - walked 2.75 miles (bus) - foot felt better, and so did my spirits :)
  • Thursday - 5.5 glorious miles (3:1 @ 11:39 pace); 3 miles of walking (bus/Publix) - I'm back! =)
  • Friday - 28 minutes of yoga; walked 2.5 miles (bus)
  • Saturday - ran 8 miles (3:1 @ 11:28 pace); 23 minutes of yoga
  • Sunday - 15 min core/strength; 50m yoga; ran 2.25 miles (11:03 pace; no walk breaks)

The schedule called for 6 mile repeats on Saturday, which equals 8 miles with the warm up and cool down. I chose to play it safe, skip the mile repeats, and planned to run 8 easy miles instead. We ran with 3:1 intervals and despite starting slow, we sped up enough to average close to race pace for a 5 hr marathon for the 8 miles. Color me shocked! The best part is that it didn't feel like I was pushing that hard. As soon as I got home, I did some yoga with a little bit of core and upper body strength throw in, then did laundry and cleaned the bathroom. I think I was more sore from kneeling and bending over scrubbing the bath tub than the run lol


I slept in a bit, which for me means 7 ish. After a quick yoga warm up, I did 15 minutes of core and strength training with the Fitdeck iPhone app, then another 30 minutes of yoga. I was wide awake then and full of energy, so I went out for a quick recovery run. I left my phone at home (but not my stopwatch) and just ran for 25 minutes, to get at least 2 miles in. I mapped the route I ran when I got home and was surprised that my easy pace was 11 min/mi. I followed the run with another 12 minutes of yoga to stretch out my legs. Let's see if I can keep up the cross training (yoga/core) this week.

This coming week I tackle hill repeats, 1200/400 intervals, and 20 miles on Saturday; and I'm so ready!

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