Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July 2011 Recap

Still slacking on the cycling and cross training, but my running is picking up nicely. My body certainly feels a bit worn out, specially after running around Sea World and Downtown Disney with a toddler all weekend. I didn't do much of anything other than run last week, and this week is shaping out to be much of the same, but I'll try to get back into yoga and core soon.

Week 9 of marathon 2 training was uneventful with a total of 15 miles, including hill repeats, 400s, and a 7 mile long run. This week we tackle mile repeats again, and next week is 18 miles! I'll probably wait until after the major long runs to do updates because they will get boring and repetitive real soon. So far now, here are my stats for July.

Activity July Goal Progress

(should be 58%)
run 84  410 / 700 (59%)
longest run 16 n/a
# of runs 13 13 / 13 (100%)
walk 18 216 / 400 (54%)
run + walk total 102 626 / 1100 (57%);
89/mo; 22/wk; 3/day
bike 16 748 / 2000 (37%);
107/mo; 27wk; 4/day
total 119 miles;
29 hours 
1374 / 3100 miles (44%);
241 / 365 hrs (66%)

I have an 18 mile and a 20 mile run in August, so I should be able to log 90+ miles over 13 runs. I really need to focus on trying to get at least 2 core workouts and 1 yoga session (minimum!) per week.

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