Sunday, January 31, 2010

Favorite Running Gear

I thought I would kill two birds with one stone by taking a picture of all my favorite running gear and talking about why/how I use each piece.

day 02/30 - Favorite Running Gear

Race Ready LD Fitness shorts w/mesh pockets - I love these short and wear them on almost every run (I have 2 pairs). Even when it is cold, I'll often wear pants over or under them so I can still have the storage space. The snug fit prevents chafing, and the mesh pockets in the back are perfect to carry everything I need during a long run without bouncing, including my cell phone and nutrition.

Pearl Izumi Seamless Arm Warmers - This is perhaps the best investment I ever made. I love wearing these when it is cool out instead of a long sleeve shirt. Because they fit snugly, they do a better job at keeping me warm and dry by wicking away sweat. When it warms up, I can simply roll them down to my wrists or tuck them into my pockets.

Bondi Bands - These wicking headbands help keep my hair in place and sweat off my eyes, and they are cute too! You often can't read the cute sayings because I usually wear a hat over it. I wear these anytime I work out, whether it be yoga or cycling or anything else.

Garmin Forerunner 305 - Obviously I use this to track my distance, time, pace, etc. I LOVE data! :) I rarely run without the watch, but sometimes ignore the display and analyze the data when I get home instead.

Body Glide - I use this everywhere, especially for long runs or hot days, to avoid chafing.

Nutrition - Last year I ate only sports beans for my half marathons and long runs because I couldn't stand gels, but I quickly grew tired of those. I finally started eating Gu gels this year, and I love how compact they are so I can carry more for the marathon without weighing me down. I usually also bring along a pack of clif shot blocks and mini luna bar to mix things up so I don't get sick of eating gels.

Amphipod RunLite Snapflask 4 Hydration Belt - When I run with the Galloway group, they have water stops so I rarely need to carry my own hydration. However, there are times when we start too early or I'll go run on my own, so I'll wear this. It can hold up to 4 8-oz bottles, but I usually just carry 2. If I position it just right and snug enough, it doesn't bounce around and I barely notice it. I much prefer the extra weight around the waist instead of carrying a bottle on my hand. I also own a Amphipod Handheld 12 oz Water Bottle that I used for shorter runs in the summer, but I try to avoid carrying anything when I run if I can help it.

Spi Belt - I use this as a race belt (using safety pins to attach the bib to it) more than for storage, although it comes in handy to carry keys, ID, and money when I don't want to carry a purse.

Pearl Izumi Jacket (not pictured) - I bought this at the Pearl Izumi outlet for cycling, but it has come in handy for running in the cold more often. It is a light weight wind breaker, but has zippers under the arms to help ventilate when it starts to get warm or you can remove them altogether to turn it into a vest. It is also water resistant.

I am sure I am forgetting some essential piece of gear, but these are the basics. Of course, I also use a good sports bra and tech shirts. What's on your list of essential gear? Do you have any questions about what gear to use for a specific situation? Let me know in the comments!


candlerun (htabby) said...

All great things. :0)

My favorite has to be my running skirts. LOVE them and feel much better when I am wearing them vs my running compression shorts alone.

The arm warmers? Never used... may try one day.

As for the head bands? I always like a good head band that keeps the hair of my face and sweat out of my eyes.

Thanks for sharing!

Kitzzy said...

Glad you found the post helpful!

I've tried running skirts, but they are just not for me even though they are super cute. I actually just wear them when I go to Disney or something :) Maybe I just haven't found the right one, but the shorts under them are never long enough.

Arm warmers are wonderful for running AND cycling. It sure beats having to tie a jacket around my waist when I underestimate the temperature.

Bondi bands are amazing and they come in so many different colors and sayings. I cut my hair short, so they are even more important to keep my hair in place and make me look semi-presentable after a workout.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's quite a lot of stuff. I'm very interested in those pants, especially since you mentioned there's no chafing. I have such a problem with shorts because they ride up and give me bumps :(

Out of curiosity, what kind of bra do you use? Anything special. I've found if you're over a certain size, they're going to bounce around no matter how tight you make them :(

Kitzzy said...

LOL. That's just the essentials, when it's cold I may wear other things too. Hee hee. I do like my gear as much as my data :)

Currently I wear this bra by Champion

I love having the front zipper for easy removal. When I am all sweaty, the last thing I want is to pull it over my head.

I used to wear the Grace by Moving Comfort (, but I lost it and I think I tried the Champion because it was cheaper at the time at

My initial bra was the Fiona by Moving Comfort ( but I rarely wear it since I got the one with the zipper. They both fit well and do a good job, but I love the ease of front zipper.

Kitzzy said...

Oh, and the shorts are tight like biking shorts (without the padding). That is all I ever run in because I hate when shorts ride up too. Even for other types of exercise, I rarely wear loose shorts.

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