Wednesday, October 26, 2011

See Kitzzy Build

When I'm not running, I'm likely building with LEGO. I've loved LEGO bricks since I was a kid and never really stopped. I still have some of my original bricks and I'm constantly adding to my collection. I recently brought them out and have been building again regularly, so I started a new blog to share my creations one photo per day.

Below are two examples, but there is a month's worth on that blog. This week I'm featuring Halloween themed builds and next week I'll begin posting my Doctor Who creations.

This is the oldest photo of a LEGO build that I have, so I thought it was fitting for my first post and this blog. I built it and took the photo on September 10, 2004 for a photo challenge. The theme was to take a photo inspired by the quote “Racing is a matter of spirit not strength.” I only had one day left, so I thought the easiest thing to do was create something in LEGO that fit the bill and this is what I came up with.

This is how you write the word “LEGO” in braille. My initial thought for this theme (Less is More) was to take a photo of a single bright lego dot on a white lego base plate, but that wasn’t satisfying enough. I wanted the photo, the dot, to mean something, and that’s when I thought of braille. I wanted to write lego with white dots on a red plate (like the lego logo), but I didn’t have enough. I’m glad because I think black on white has a better effect and lets the message be the focus of the photo in the true spirit of minimalism :)

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