Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Name Change, Big Coat, HBBC

#1 - I changed the name of my blog to "See Kitzzy Run" so if you link to me, please update your link text (the url is staying the same). I've always thought that "[Kitzzy] Lifestyle Change" was a bit clunky. While this blog is still about my lifestyle change to a better me, it is predominantly about my running adventures. I'll still post about other aspects of my lifestyle change too, such as green living, vegetarianism, cycling, and living without a car, but most posts are about running so the new name seems fitting. Besides, it doesn't say what I am running towards :)

#2 - I've been doing pretty well in the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (HBBC) so far, but I am far from winning. I earned 37 points during the first week, which included the Thanksgiving Holiday, and I've earned 32 points this week so far with 2 more days to go (weeks go from Saturday to Friday). I also earned extra credit points for promoting the challenge and getting family involved with exercise on Thanksgiving, which brings my grand total so far to 74. That's not too bad, and it puts me in the top 25 out of almost 400, but there are a few with over 100 points already. I doubt I'll actually win this challenge, but it's good motivation to stay active and I still have a chance to win prizes by just participating.

#3 - The forecast for this morning said feels like 35ยบ! Yikes! So I broke out the sweater, scarf, and my big coat that anyone in Florida would consider overkill, but I love it and look for any chance to wear. I was going to run to work from the bus, but running after work when it will be a little warmer sounds way more appealing.

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