Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Race for the Taste Pics

Jason's step mom took pictures at the race and they are now up on Flickr:

Here are a few highlights, but most are best viewed large:

The racers: Tim, Chas, Dad, Bob (Jason's Dad), Jason, Me
The racers (by deebob)

Me crossing the finish line, flanked by Jason's dad on the left and my dad somewhere off-camera. I love how both my feet are airborne!
Kitzzy (by deebob)

Dad crossing the finish line
Manny (by deebob)

Jason crossing the finish line, flanked by his dad on the right
Jason and Bob (by deebob)

Mom and Dad after the race -- he looks so fresh and happy!
Elba and Manny (by deebob)

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