Saturday, October 4, 2008

Distance PR: 9.66 miles!

I just had my longest run ever: 9.66 miles in 2:10 (13:26 pace with 2:1 intervals) and I feel great! Sure my feet are a little sore, but that will pass soon enough.

I went out with the group at 5 a.m. for the first 4-mile loop and I was thinking that 8 miles seemed like forever. When we picked up the rest of the group for the 2nd 4-mile loop at 6 a.m. I was feeling great. Those second 4 miles were a lot easier and the time flew. It probably has a lot to do with being more warmed up. It was chili out this morning, but clearly the humidity was still high because I was drenched in no time. My hair, in its tiny pony tail, were actually dripping on me. This will teach me not to forget my hat again.

My program called for a 9.5 mile run today, but since my longest run before this was only 6 miles, and there is a little wiggle room in the schedule, I was going to stop at 8 miles. I felt so good after that, even if a little sore, that I figured I'd do the extra 2 miles with the group. My legs were starting to feel it so I called it quits after only one mile but still managed to get in over 9.5 miles total. Awesome!

This success along with my huge PR at the Miracle Miles 5K last week puts me in a great place mentally for next weekend's Race for the Taste 10K. I can't wait!

I am still deciding which intervals I want to use during the race. I know .25-mi-run:1-min-walk is the wise thing to do (~ 3:1), but I think I could push myself to use the same one as the 5K - .5-mi-run:1-min-walk (~ 6:1). I'm leaning towards starting with .25 mile intervals for the first half and then switch for the last half if I am feeling good and strong. Either way I hope to finish around 1:15 or an avg 12 min/mi pace.

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