Wednesday, October 22, 2008

5K tempo run

Because I run using 2:1 run/walk intervals with the Galloway group, I've been trying to run non-stop during my mid-week runs, even if only for 2 miles, so my body doesn't forget what that's like. I've taken walk breaks during all my recent races ever since I started using them during training because they help me run faster and finish strong without as much fatigue. I vary the frequency of the walk breaks--and sometimes the length, usually 30-60 seconds--depending on the distance. I know that I can run the 5K distance non-stop, but I am afraid to try it at a race because I may not clock as fast a time as with the walk breaks.

This afternoon, I ran home from work and then around my neighborhood to cover 5K. I did it in 38:16. I ran practically non-stop, with only 2 30s walk breaks after mile 1 & 2; I think of those as water stops on a race course, so they don't really count. I was not really going to try to run fast at all; I just wanted to cover the distance without walking, and I am very happy with the outcome.

Below are my amazing, and consistent, negative splits:

mile 1: 12:50
mile 2: 12:37
mile 3: 11:39
finish (.12): 1:11 (10:07 pace)
overall average pace: 12:16

I am thrilled that I managed to sustain such a fast pace on a non-stop training run of this distance. I don't really feel like I pushed that hard either; I was just running at whatever pace felt good. I can't believe how fast I ran that last mile--almost a minute faster--but I really pushed it then after seeing how well I was doing and how good I felt (and because I wanted to finish already). I think the cool weather really helped. I also ate about 1/2 a bag of sport beans before I left work, so maybe they really kicked in at the end. I tell you, these things are magical and delicious. I now know I have it in me to run a 5K race non-stop (save for the water stops) in under 35 minutes; I just need to be patient and push myself at the next few races. If I can do this in training, I know I can do it even faster at a race with good weather.

When I got home from the run, I check the mail box to find my new RaceReady LD Fitness shorts with mesh pocket and singlet with snaps for a racing bib. I can't wait to try them out at my next run. They feel super comfy.


Anonymous said...

Yeay for your RaceReady stuff arriving! You have to tell me how you like them.

Congratulations on your great run today.

Kitzzy said...


I tried the shorts on my group run on Saturday and love them. They are so comfortable and the pockets are great. I didn't even feel the weight of my phone while I was running. I am running home in them from work today so I can carry my phone and camera back. The singlet is just as awesome and soft.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you can carry a phone in one of those mesh pockets. How was the camera?

You are encouraging me to actually wear them in public.

radiosilents said...

I just spent a few minutes catching up with your blog, and man! You are doing so great. I am really proud of all your achievements, and you are a great inspiration to me. I am still running, but taking it still very slow and easy... I will get there eventually!

xoxo Amy

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