Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update and Belated August 2010 Recap

There seems to be a direct corrolation between my motivation to blog and my ability to run. Since I've not been running as much, and certainly not racing, I find that I don't want to blog about the negative so I just don't blog at all. The truth is there are plenty of positives in my life, and even the running is progressing. I ran 8 miles this weekend and it felt good. Yesterday I ran 3 miles non-stop @12:10 pace without really pushing it and it felt great. I still have a glimmer of hope that I'll run BCM in February, but I'm playing it by ear and will see how the Miami Beach Halloween Half goes first.

scenic route to SODO
See more birthday photos
I celebrated my 32nd birthday two weeks ago, and that week was a blast. I took a few days off from work and fully enjoyed my birthday:
  • Wednesday - Birthday lunch with coworkers at First Watch
  • Thursday - Took the day off for some much needed me time. Started the day with yoga, then easy biking to get a facial. My sister came over early so I could spent time with my adorable niece, then went to PF Chang's for dinner when my parents arrived.
  • Friday - This was my actual birthday and Jason took it off from work too. I slept in a little (7 am) and started the day with an easy 6-mile birthday run, then Jason and I had a lovely time enjoying the outdoors on our bikes and making fresh ice cream with my new ice cream maker :) We finished the day with the First Friday ride for civility, which was a huge success, followed by dinner at Ethos. I was exhausted and glad I could sleep in the next day.
  • Saturday - Slept in and then went to the Trek Tri expo with Kelly.
  • Sunday - Rode the bus to Disney to cheer and take photos at the Trek Women's Triathlon.
In other news, Jason completed his first Half Ironman Triathlon this weekend and he rocked it! He gets extra credit hard core points for doing it in Clermont (read hills) and in Florida in September (read hot and humid). It was brutal, but he got it done and is even contemplating a second one already :) I of course was there cheering him on, taking lots of photos, and volunteering. It was a very long day, but lots of fun and it made me crave running a marathon again. *sigh*

still smiling! I love his smile =)

August Accomplishments

August Stats

  • walk = 42 miles (3 < July)
  • run = 34 miles (7 < July)
  • longest run = 6 miles
  • bike = 218 miles (22 > July)
  • longest ride = 16 miles
  • total = 294 miles / 38.5 hrs (avg 1.2 hrs/day)
This Friday is the next night ice cream ride, and I can't wait. Join us!

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