Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 33 Recap

smile Jason! :)
Jason wearing his "Polite Escort" shirt
Despite only running once, I had a great week. I more than made up for the lack of running with plenty of biking, including a really fun social ride with Bike/Walk Central Florida for the opening of "What Moves You?" (photos). Today was the inaugural ride of the UCF Bike Bus. Although we did not have any passengers, it was a great ride to AND from work. I'm thrilled to find there is still civility in humankind :)

I'm happy to report I got through the 10 Days of Real Food Pledge,and it went far better than expected! Granted, we already ate very little processed food before this, but we had to get creative with snacks and desserts and had a blast in the process. I'll post more details and recipes later.

Overall, a fantastic week and this one is shaping up to be great too. I'm seating on the couch relaxing after a delicious homemade meal of aloo matar still basking in the joy that was the bike ride home :)

Week Totals (rounded)

  • run - 3.5 miles
  • walk - 6 miles
  • bike - 69 miles
  • total - 8.5 hours / 78 miles

Workout Summary

See details on Dailymile
  • Monday - biked 10 miles (errands)
  • Tuesday - walked 2 miles (bus)
  • Wednesday - biked 33 miles (work)
  • Thursday - walked 2.5 miles (bus); biked 7.5 miles (art ride)
  • Friday - biked 7 miles (errands)
  • Saturday - ran 3.5 miles; biked 10 miles (farmer's market)
  • Sunday - biked 1.5 miles (publix); walked 1.2 miles (publix)

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