Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inaugural UCF Bike Bus Ride

After taking the Cycling Savvy course, I've felt empowered and more comfortable riding on the road. Some of our coworkers have ridden to work on occasion, but are not as comfortable riding down University Blvd. I have to admit that neither were we at first.

Taking the Econ trail is an option, but no one should have to go several miles out of their way to feel safe. Jason and I want to help anyone interested in commuting to UCF by bike to feel safe riding down University Blvd, and thus the UCF Bike Bus was born :) We've successfully completed two recon rides with Keri, and Jason rode by himself on Friday without incident. We're now ready to make this official and take on passengers!

Please join us for our first official UCF Bike Bus ride this Monday, August 23. We'll be leaving the Cady Way Trailhead by the Fashion Square Mall at 7 am and picking up passengers along the way. If you are riding that morning anywhere along the bus route, we'd love for you to hop on when you see us coming even if it's only for a few miles.

Visit the Official Inaugural UCF Bike Bus Ride Event for more details and to sign up.

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