Thursday, May 21, 2009

Non-stop 5k in 34:29!

I ran a sub-35 5k with no breaks: 3.11 miles in 34:29 at 11:05 average pace! I'm so excited! To be honest, I don't think I've ever run a truly non-stop 5K race before, because I always took at least 1 short break at water stops. I did run the distance non-stop when I finished C25K, but it took me over 40 minutes. The weather cooperated so I was able to run outside at Lake Eola. It was actually cool when I started, though the humidity was evident by the end of the run.

I ran against my Garmin's virtual partner (GVP), which I set to run 5K in 35 minutes. As you can see from the mostly negative splits below, I started slow (though slightly faster than Monday) and held back letting the GVP get ahead of me for the first 2 miles. I steadily increased my speed throughout the run and started to gain on the GVP after mile 2. With .6 to go, I passed the GVP and beat it by 30 seconds.

Splits (pace)

12:00 (.12 in 1:29) -- not sure how that happen as I felt I was still going strong.

I was afraid that some of the soreness from yesterday's hard indoor bike ride would be a problem, but I didn't feel sore once I started running -- I do use different muscles when running vs biking. My right knee felt a little tight when I finished, but I did a few yoga movies and it seems to be fine now. Just to be safe, I'll do Yoga for the Knees tonight or tomorrow morning.

This time is a little over 1 minute slower than my 5K PR of 33:12, which I ran using 5:1 intervals. However, I am confident that with a little practice I can get a new 5K PR with no walk breaks.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I remember the first time I ran a race the whole way through, it was a huge accomplishment!

Viviane said...

Congrats! That is great.

Viviane said...

By the way, I have decided to give running another try, and seeing how you have become sort of an expert at it, I'd love any feedback you have for me. I have added you on my blogroll on the new blog as well as followed you on twitter.
The URL for my blog is:
(I hope you remember me at all?!)

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