Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wildman Triathlon

Wildman Triathlon (by Kitzzy)

Since Jason doesn't blog, I figured I'd blog about this event for him :) He completed his first Sprint Triathlon yesterday, the Wildman My First Triathlon: 400m swim, 20km Bike, 2.75 mi run.

Official Stats:
  • swim = 0:09:08.157
  • t0 = 0:02:20.298
  • t1 = 0:01:55.829
  • bike = 0:39:01.238
  • t2 = 0:00:25.531
  • run = 0:26:54.090
  • Total = 1:19:45.143

We got up at 4 am so he could eat breakfast and head over to Moss Park before it got crowded. We got there about a half hour too early, but got a great parking spot. He took a short nap in the car while we waited for the transition area to open, then he got body marked and setup his transition area:

Body Marking (by Kitzzy) Setting up Transition Area (by Kitzzy)

The Swim
We met up with Christine and took some photos, then headed to the beach to wait for the start of the swim leg. They started in waves and because he was doing the My First Triathlon, he had to wait until most of the sprint swimmers were finished. He completed the 400m in 9:08. From Jason's dailymile log: "My first lake swim was quite different than what I was expecting. Training in the pool was so clear and easy. The lake... it was like swimming in tea. You couldn't see 6 inches in front of your face so all of the comfort I'd developed with swimming in the pool was completely lost."

Ready to swim (by Kitzzy) Jason by sunrise (by Kitzzy)

Wildman Triathlon (by Kitzzy) Wildman Triathlon (by Kitzzy)

The Bike
He completed the bike leg mush faster than expected: 12.40mi in 39 minutes, for an average pace of 19.1 mph! From Jason's dailymile log: "The bike portion of the tri went great! I was pushing pretty solid the whole time and realized how much I want to upgrade to a nice lightweight road bike."

Wildman Triathlon (by Kitzzy) Wildman Triathlon (by Kitzzy)

The Run
He veered a little of course and ran a bit further, but still made great time: 3mi in 26:54 for an average pace of 08:58. From Jason's dailymile log: "The run was... interesting. I tripped on a root just as I was starting and scraped my knee up. Then about a mile and a half in, took the wrong route because it was poorly marked and ended up running an extra 1/4-1/2 mile. I finished the run with an all-out sprint which was totally awesome."

Wildman Triathlon (by Kitzzy) Wildman Triathlon (by Kitzzy)

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Congrats to Jason! He did a *great* job.

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