Monday, March 16, 2009

Running Long(ish) again

I set out to run 5 easy miles this afternoon, using 2:1 intervals, to be in better shape for my first long run with the Galloway group this weekend. However, the heat/humidity got the better of me and I called it quits after 4 miles. It was probably for the best since the most I've run until now in the last 5 weeks was 3.1 miles, and I should be building back up slowly. This could be another reason this was hard, but I think the humidity had a lot more to do with it.

This run reminded me why I don't do long runs on my own; because I hate carrying water with me, but there is no way I can run more than 3 miles in this weather without some water. I'm sure I would have quit sooner if I had not brought some, but 12 oz was barely enough for the 4 miles. Jason is a sweetheart and ran with me, walk breaks and all; that helped the time go by much faster, but I was still dying towards the end.

My knee on the other hand felt great--no twinges at all! I was worried my left hip would hurt since that's where I fell on from my bike, but other than some scary bruises on my left thigh, the legs feel fine. The scrape on elbow on the other hand still hurts like hell. I need the skin on there to hurry up and grow back already.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so relieved to hear your knee is doing so well. I was worried about you.

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